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Our mission is to create a universal People standard. We want to galvanise our clients to becoming part of a progressive ecosystem where all people are not just productive, but happy and feel safe.  We continually work to transform inclusiveness from a tick-box to a real value, boosting trust and providing assurance to your stakeholders.

Project Vela

Using our unique auditing tool, we independently measure your progress in your DEI journey and give you a score out of 5. This is to help you prioritise the most concerning areas leading to more efficient use of resources while building trust among stakeholders.

What's your status?

Curious to see what your velascore would be? Connect with us to book an audit that will give you a snapshot your current score. This with a multi-purpose people status report that can be used internally.

How we work

Assess the situation

Our initial assessments are in place to understand the scope of work and set the parameters in line with our guidelines.

Measure progress

We measure demographics, retention, recruitment, development, representation, compensation, employee satisfaction and performance dedicated teams. Each metric is evaluated and scored.

Provide a diagnosis

Each clients is provided with a score out 5 that can be published. Each score lasts a year and can only be updated after a minimum of six months.

Report the findings

Upon completion of the audit, we develop an extensive report to communicate your progress in each area of your people commitments.

Offer solutions

Clients can go further by using our consultation service. This added option will help to address the areas of improvement and lead to a better score.

What we measure


This is usually the first step in any commitment to DEI - making sure the environment is diverse. Arguably the most telltale sign of diversity, we measure demographics using controlled parameters to determine a true reflection of how diverse the environment is.

Vela Score

Our scoring system

Our scoring system is in place to inform our clients and their stakeholders how far along they are in their people and inclusion journeys. What score would your organisation get?

Vela People Status Report (3).png



0-1: Forming

Just starting out, minimal experience or commitment.

1-2: Emerging

Actively acquiring knowledge and skills, demonstrating a moderate level of commitment.

2-3: Functioning 

Making steady advancements, showing a commitment to improvement and growth.

3-4: Leading

Demonstrating a high level of competence and commitment, likely experienced and skilled.

4-5: Excelling

Exceptionally skilled and committed, representing the pinnacle of expertise and dedication in the journey.

Why choose Vela

Drive innovation

Diversity brings together individuals with unique perspectives, experiences, and skills. A workforce representing a broad spectrum of backgrounds and cultures cultivates a rich tapestry of ideas, fostering innovation and creativity. Businesses with diverse teams are better equipped to adapt to changing market dynamics, identify novel solutions, and outperform competitors in an ever-evolving global marketplace.

Enhance decision-making

Diverse teams bring a multitude of perspectives to the decision-making process. When different voices are heard and considered, it leads to more well-rounded and informed choices. Inclusive decision-making minimizes blind spots, reduces groupthink, and results in strategies that are more comprehensive and reflective of the varied needs of stakeholders.

Improve engagement and retention

Inclusive workplaces empower employees to bring their authentic selves to work, fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance. When individuals feel valued and respected, it positively impacts their engagement levels. DEI policies not only attract top talent but also contribute significantly to retaining skilled professionals. A diverse and inclusive environment promotes loyalty, job satisfaction, and a shared commitment to organizational goals.

Be more proactive

As markets become more diverse, businesses must align with the demographics of their customer base. Companies with inclusive practices are better positioned to understand and meet the needs of a diverse clientele. DEI policies enable organizations to connect authentically with their target audience, fostering brand loyalty and expanding market share.

Strengthen ethical compliance

Adopting DEI policies is not only a strategic advantage but also a legal and ethical imperative. Non-compliance with diversity and inclusion standards can lead to legal repercussions, damage brand reputation, and hinder long-term success. By prioritising DEI, businesses not only fulfil legal obligations but also contribute to a fair and just society.

Start your journey with Vela

Whether you're deep into your DEI journey or just getting started, Vela is here to help. For cost-effective real time insights, reach out to us and book a discovery call.

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